Tales From the Basement & Tales From the Attic

Tales from the basement (1)Copy of Tales from the basement (1)

You can read the complete first season of Tales From the Basement for FREE on Eerie Dolls NOW!

Season two is also up, be sure to check out the basement while you’re there for any extra add-ons!

What are these?

The stories in Tales From the Basement have different themes and narrations, they are often published weekly or biweekly. These stories are FREE, you can also listen to them if you prefer by visiting the audio page.

Tales From the Attic is a new collection of stories that has not yet been published. These stories will be longer and revolve around a similar theme. Each book will have both short stories, and mini series as well as other interesting things. These tales will NOT be published for free on Eerie Dolls but will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Next year I will bring you book one of Tales From the Attic, a new batch of scary stories that I am hoping to release by summer of next year. The theme for book one will be all about white noise..and what lurks behind it.

Can’t wait for book one of Tales From the Attic? Stay posted there will be a few previews and excepts available on Eerie Dolls before the release day next year! In the mean time head over to Eerie Dolls and read the short scary stories available now for FREE!!

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