A time to write

These past few weeks have been both a blur and delight. I was busy slaying away on my computer and reading through an endless pile of notebooks. TALES FROM THE BASEMENT season one is now complete and available on different formats. It took weeks upon weeks of editing and rewriting all thirty one stories–but it is now complete. The day I printed the first complete draft of season one I was shocked at how thick the stack of pages was. I became overjoyed and began immediately going through each story. The sight of papers scattered across my desk brought me endless satisfaction because I had finally done it.

I had finally accomplished one of my biggest dreams– to release a horror collection of short stories.

Although parts of season two have yet to be edited or revised I am beginning to look at what other work I would like to accomplish this year. I wanted to have a complete collection available for readers, a book where they could choose their horror. Now that I have completed season one I would like to not only continue on to season two but to also continue my work on EERIE DOLLS.

I will provide more reviews, interviews and create more story add-ons for readers to enjoy. I am currently working on a new publishing schedule so that everyone knows what to expect on the site each week/month.

I am excited for the months to come and as always ask you the reader to stay spooky.

B. A.


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