Upcoming hollow

Can you believe Halloween is getting closer?! Unbelievable as it sounds I am also in shock that it has officially been almost a year since the creation of my site EERIE DOLLS. What a whirlwind! I will always be eternally grateful for the amazing opportunities this site has brought me and for the ability to share my stories with many of you. A few things to look forward to, the monthly newsletter for Eerie Dolls is up and running!

Not another newsletter!

We are waiting

Yes another newsletter that I want you to sign up to now! The newsletter not only gives you a first look at upcoming events or projects there are also exclusive stories meant only for subscribers! Along with other neat little things this newsletter will make your inbox just a bit more eerie!

Stay on the look out for my new photo project Stillness. This photo project shows pictures that I snapped during normal non scary moments. Each photo captures the moment my mind started swirling with imagination and includes a small flash fiction story.

I am currently working on two writing projects one of which I am extremely excited about. I have waited a long time to see it come together and although it is still in the brainstorming phase I am confident that within the next few weeks it’ll start coming together. Last but not least for subscribers who already received the August issue they know that it is almost that time… to face their fears. .Curious? Stay tuned for an announcement on September 1st.


Stay Spooky!

Brianna Abello


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