It is almost HALLOWEEN!


This is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween!

Well almost!

It’s almost Halloween time! The leaves are changing colors, the chilly wind is reminding us to take a coat outside and pumpkin spice lattes have popped up in almost all coffee shops around town! Yes October brings around some of my favorite things; the spooky and creepy, the cold chills and all things eerie! We are also one step closer to what will be my first time participating in Nanowrimo.

Halloweenfest will take place the entire week leading up to Halloween. Eerie Dolls will host various writers who will share their creepy tales with readers. Halloween time also brings around lots of wonderful local and online events. There’s lots of wonderful shows playing Halloween specials, doubling up on the horror and paranormal there’s much to listen to.

I’m extremely excited for all the writing time I’ll have after October. I have several stories prepped and ready to go for Halloweenfest so stay tuned for some of the flash fiction and short stories that will be posted on Eerie Dolls. Reflecting back on the past year one of the things I wanted to accomplish these next few months is creating a consistent writing schedule. Eerie Dolls currently hosts various horror promotion posts and other creepy content however I have not had the chance to really solidify a writing/posting schedule.

Once Halloweenfest is over I will send out information of what will hopefully be a drafted writing/posting schedule. I apologize to those who have messaged me asking when the next story will be up on Eerie Dolls. I have been working on Halloweenfest and on my own writing which hasn’t led up to much posting.


Stay spooky!


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