Solitude collection & other works

The last time I posted it was almost Halloween! Three months into the not so new year and I have a couple new pieces that I’ve enjoyed sharing with you all. As most of you know the first story from the SOLITUDE collection was published in January. Since then I released Bleeding Trees for February and will have part 3 released today.

Solitude is a collection of short stories focusing on the terrifying experience isolation can bring. The first story took us to a distant ghost town where a solitary nun lives in isolation in an abandoned church. The second story took us to the jungles of Vietnam where a boy recounts a terrifying encounter with an unknown creature.  What will the third story bring? Stay tuned and if you haven’t already … sign up to find out!

Besides Solitude I have also been working on my first novel, I have tried for months to finally bring this story to life however life usually gets in the way. As writers we have a hard time taking the story out of our mind and putting it on paper, that’s been my struggle lately. Camp Nanowrimo is starting up soon so I’ll use that time to finally get my butt on the chair and WRITE.

Eerie Dolls continues to share indie works and creepy content. We’ve had great stories from Nosleep authors who are also doing wonderful things online. Besides Eerie Dolls I have also shared a few pieces online to Thought Catalog and a new site called Orton. As a way to keep these all together and make it easier to find everything at once I will add links onto the Eerie Dolls ‘stories’ page. I have also created a new FB page dedicated to my writing. I thought I’d try to go long enough without making one but of course sharing stories online makes having a FB page a must.

I appreciate as always the kind emails and messages on Twitter and promise to write more!

Stay spooky



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