Campnanowrimo work in progress

10% done.jpgA SMALL VICTORY

Yes it’s that time, Campnanowrimo gave me a perfect excuse to start the project I’ve been trying to get out of my head for months…ok perhaps years. A story that has been cooking in my head for some time LUCID TERRORS is my Campnanowrimo project this year. I initially tried to begin it last November for Nanowrimo however because of personal things that required most of my attention I wasn’t able to start.

Although it has been difficult to up my word count I’m extremely proud of myself for getting 10% of it done so far. The sad part? I’m almost 99.9999% sure I won’t finish it this month…….However I’m still hopeful LUCID TERRORS won’t take too long to complete. The hardest part of writing this book so far has been to actually start it.

I’m on a roll though.. just saying!

There’s something about finally seeing ideas coming together on paper (and yes on a word document too). I am updating the story and am now getting into the habit of writing more and more each time during the day. I have also started to plan my story out more. I’ve been using several tools to help me complete this novel, I’ll list them on my next post.

As far as my other short writings, Thought Catalog has published some of my older pieces, be sure to check them out! I have put SOLITUDE on hold for now so I can dedicate most of my time on LT.  Stay tuned for more information on LUCID TERROR! 10% whoohoo. A teeny tiny but happy victory!


Terrorized by her childhood nightmares Idai attempts to erase any memory of the frightening creature she would dream about every night. A creature that through Idai’s dreams haunted and murdered people in the worst way. After years of slowly forgetting and healing from the constant night terrors she gets thrown back into the same frightening world she experienced as a child. Upon learning about bizarre open cases of people disappearing similar to the ones in her dreams Idai realizes there’s more to the creature than what she dreamed. Left with a short window of time she attempts to unravel the mystery behind an ancient being that has terrorized humans for centuries.


For more information on LUCID TERRORS

Stay Spooky!



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