Campnanowrimo work in progress

10% done.jpgA SMALL VICTORY

Yes it’s that time, Campnanowrimo gave me a perfect excuse to start the project I’ve been trying to get out of my head for months…ok perhaps years. A story that has been cooking in my head for some time LUCID TERRORS is my Campnanowrimo project this year. I initially tried to begin it last November for Nanowrimo however because of personal things that required most of my attention I wasn’t able to start.

Although it has been difficult to up my word count I’m extremely proud of myself for getting 10% of it done so far. The sad part? I’m almost 99.9999% sure I won’t finish it this month…….However I’m still hopeful LUCID TERRORS won’t take too long to complete. The hardest part of writing this book so far has been to actually start it.

I’m on a roll though.. just saying!

There’s something about finally seeing ideas coming together on paper (and yes on a word document too). I am updating the story and am now getting into the habit of writing more and more each time during the day. I have also started to plan my story out more. I’ve been using several tools to help me complete this novel, I’ll list them on my next post.

As far as my other short writings, Thought Catalog has published some of my older pieces, be sure to check them out! I have put SOLITUDE on hold for now so I can dedicate most of my time on LT.  Stay tuned for more information on LUCID TERROR! 10% whoohoo. A teeny tiny but happy victory!


Terrorized by her childhood nightmares Idai attempts to erase any memory of the frightening creature she would dream about every night. A creature that through Idai’s dreams haunted and murdered people in the worst way. After years of slowly forgetting and healing from the constant night terrors she gets thrown back into the same frightening world she experienced as a child. Upon learning about bizarre open cases of people disappearing similar to the ones in her dreams Idai realizes there’s more to the creature than what she dreamed. Left with a short window of time she attempts to unravel the mystery behind an ancient being that has terrorized humans for centuries.


For more information on LUCID TERRORS

Stay Spooky!



Solitude collection & other works

The last time I posted it was almost Halloween! Three months into the not so new year and I have a couple new pieces that I’ve enjoyed sharing with you all. As most of you know the first story from the SOLITUDE collection was published in January. Since then I released Bleeding Trees for February and will have part 3 released today.

Solitude is a collection of short stories focusing on the terrifying experience isolation can bring. The first story took us to a distant ghost town where a solitary nun lives in isolation in an abandoned church. The second story took us to the jungles of Vietnam where a boy recounts a terrifying encounter with an unknown creature.  What will the third story bring? Stay tuned and if you haven’t already … sign up to find out!

Besides Solitude I have also been working on my first novel, I have tried for months to finally bring this story to life however life usually gets in the way. As writers we have a hard time taking the story out of our mind and putting it on paper, that’s been my struggle lately. Camp Nanowrimo is starting up soon so I’ll use that time to finally get my butt on the chair and WRITE.

Eerie Dolls continues to share indie works and creepy content. We’ve had great stories from Nosleep authors who are also doing wonderful things online. Besides Eerie Dolls I have also shared a few pieces online to Thought Catalog and a new site called Orton. As a way to keep these all together and make it easier to find everything at once I will add links onto the Eerie Dolls ‘stories’ page. I have also created a new FB page dedicated to my writing. I thought I’d try to go long enough without making one but of course sharing stories online makes having a FB page a must.

I appreciate as always the kind emails and messages on Twitter and promise to write more!

Stay spooky


It is almost HALLOWEEN!


This is Halloween! Halloween, Halloween!

Well almost!

It’s almost Halloween time! The leaves are changing colors, the chilly wind is reminding us to take a coat outside and pumpkin spice lattes have popped up in almost all coffee shops around town! Yes October brings around some of my favorite things; the spooky and creepy, the cold chills and all things eerie! We are also one step closer to what will be my first time participating in Nanowrimo.

Halloweenfest will take place the entire week leading up to Halloween. Eerie Dolls will host various writers who will share their creepy tales with readers. Halloween time also brings around lots of wonderful local and online events. There’s lots of wonderful shows playing Halloween specials, doubling up on the horror and paranormal there’s much to listen to.

I’m extremely excited for all the writing time I’ll have after October. I have several stories prepped and ready to go for Halloweenfest so stay tuned for some of the flash fiction and short stories that will be posted on Eerie Dolls. Reflecting back on the past year one of the things I wanted to accomplish these next few months is creating a consistent writing schedule. Eerie Dolls currently hosts various horror promotion posts and other creepy content however I have not had the chance to really solidify a writing/posting schedule.

Once Halloweenfest is over I will send out information of what will hopefully be a drafted writing/posting schedule. I apologize to those who have messaged me asking when the next story will be up on Eerie Dolls. I have been working on Halloweenfest and on my own writing which hasn’t led up to much posting.


Stay spooky!

Upcoming hollow

Can you believe Halloween is getting closer?! Unbelievable as it sounds I am also in shock that it has officially been almost a year since the creation of my site EERIE DOLLS. What a whirlwind! I will always be eternally grateful for the amazing opportunities this site has brought me and for the ability to share my stories with many of you. A few things to look forward to, the monthly newsletter for Eerie Dolls is up and running!

Not another newsletter!

We are waiting

Yes another newsletter that I want you to sign up to now! The newsletter not only gives you a first look at upcoming events or projects there are also exclusive stories meant only for subscribers! Along with other neat little things this newsletter will make your inbox just a bit more eerie!

Stay on the look out for my new photo project Stillness. This photo project shows pictures that I snapped during normal non scary moments. Each photo captures the moment my mind started swirling with imagination and includes a small flash fiction story.

I am currently working on two writing projects one of which I am extremely excited about. I have waited a long time to see it come together and although it is still in the brainstorming phase I am confident that within the next few weeks it’ll start coming together. Last but not least for subscribers who already received the August issue they know that it is almost that time… to face their fears. .Curious? Stay tuned for an announcement on September 1st.


Stay Spooky!

Brianna Abello

A time to write

These past few weeks have been both a blur and delight. I was busy slaying away on my computer and reading through an endless pile of notebooks. TALES FROM THE BASEMENT season one is now complete and available on different formats. It took weeks upon weeks of editing and rewriting all thirty one stories–but it is now complete. The day I printed the first complete draft of season one I was shocked at how thick the stack of pages was. I became overjoyed and began immediately going through each story. The sight of papers scattered across my desk brought me endless satisfaction because I had finally done it.

I had finally accomplished one of my biggest dreams– to release a horror collection of short stories.

Although parts of season two have yet to be edited or revised I am beginning to look at what other work I would like to accomplish this year. I wanted to have a complete collection available for readers, a book where they could choose their horror. Now that I have completed season one I would like to not only continue on to season two but to also continue my work on EERIE DOLLS.

I will provide more reviews, interviews and create more story add-ons for readers to enjoy. I am currently working on a new publishing schedule so that everyone knows what to expect on the site each week/month.

I am excited for the months to come and as always ask you the reader to stay spooky.

B. A.

Tales From the Basement & Tales From the Attic

Tales from the basement (1)Copy of Tales from the basement (1)

You can read the complete first season of Tales From the Basement for FREE on Eerie Dolls NOW!

Season two is also up, be sure to check out the basement while you’re there for any extra add-ons!

What are these?

The stories in Tales From the Basement have different themes and narrations, they are often published weekly or biweekly. These stories are FREE, you can also listen to them if you prefer by visiting the audio page.

Tales From the Attic is a new collection of stories that has not yet been published. These stories will be longer and revolve around a similar theme. Each book will have both short stories, and mini series as well as other interesting things. These tales will NOT be published for free on Eerie Dolls but will be available for purchase on Amazon.

Next year I will bring you book one of Tales From the Attic, a new batch of scary stories that I am hoping to release by summer of next year. The theme for book one will be all about white noise..and what lurks behind it.

Can’t wait for book one of Tales From the Attic? Stay posted there will be a few previews and excepts available on Eerie Dolls before the release day next year! In the mean time head over to Eerie Dolls and read the short scary stories available now for FREE!!

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