"Walk with me to a special place. 
A place filled with darkness, where you can hear the screams 
of a 1000 tormented souls. Follow me and take 
a look at the inner workings of my mind"


A horror and paranormal fanatic Brianna has always had a fascination of all things spooky. Her interest in the horror genre started at a young age when she began to write short scary stories. Brianna’s interest in horror led to the creation of Eerie Dolls, a horror site filled with original short stories and other creepy content.
Besides short stories and mini series Brianna includes add ons that compliment her writing. Inspirational pieces that go behind the scenes and describe her inspiration are sometimes included after a story has been posted. You can find the complete season 1 collection of Eerie Dolls on the website for free. Capturefsf
Brianna hopes to release a collection anthology of never before seen stories in the future. Eerie Dolls continues to grow as a horror site where readers can enjoy strange stories and bizarre extras. New content is added regularly, so head over to Eerie Dolls because life’s no fun without have a good fright.